Friday, November 3, 2017

What was I reading in October 2017?


- ntpd won't save you from one particular rogue bit


- How SSH became port 22


- alvarcarto/url-to-pdf-api - I need to experiment with this as I've been wanting an internal PrintFriendly-like service.
- WaveNet launches in the Google Assistant DeepMind - Another item on my list to try.
- An Update on Firefox Containers - ... and another...
- AWK for Multimedia - ... and another.


- Steve Wozniak announces tech education platform Woz U
- Exploding Git Repositories - Discussion of an issue similar to zip bombs.


- Falling through the KRACKs
- Dive into Deep Learning with 15 free online courses
- Practical public key cryptography
- Screen capture in Google Chrome - A possible partner for the url-to-pdf tool above?
- URG - A discussion of TCP.
- Everything You Wanted To Know About Blockchains - Part 1
- Vim After 15 Years
- Using cgroups to limit I/O


- Researchers find that LastPass 2FA can become 1FA
- ssh_scan: A SSH configuration and policy scanner for Linux and UNIX server


- An ode to pack: gzip’s forgotten decompressor
- Getting the Most out of Sqlite3 with Python
- Do you have the Learners Syndrome? - Uhm... I admit nothing, because I do get use out of what I learn. (Okay, maybe not the Japanese language lessons, but...)
- Unix is my IDE


- The Uncanny Resurrection of Dungeons & Dragons
- SSH Escape Sequences (aka How to Kill Dead SSH Sessions) - Just when you think you know a tool... Guess it pays to reread man pages now and then.
- Remember that $86 million license plate scanner I replicated? I caught someone with it.
- Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes


- Speech Recognition Is Not Solved - I'm not liking the author's argument because speech recognition only needs to be "good enough". Much of what he wants borders on AI (e.g., recognition of context).
- learnbyexample/Command-line-text-processing - Notes on processing text with awk.


- SNMP Authentication Bypass Cripples Numerous Devices
- OpenSSH Removes SSHv1 Support


- Secretary problem
- Outlawry Supervillians and Modern Law
- Replace your exploit-ridden firmware with a Linux kernel
- 10 charts that show why sleep is so important


- Understanding deep learning requires re-thinking generalization
- Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

Above was generated by a homegrown bolt-on script for Wallabag, which is a free utility for capturing web content so that it can be read later.

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