Monday, December 28, 2015

What have I been reading this week? (20151227)

Apologies for the delay... Kids treated me to SW VII and it threw off my entire Sunday.


- Biggest mystery in mathematics in limbo after cryptic meeting


- You can Hack into a Linux Computer just by pressing 'Backspace' 28 times
- Can This Man Make AIMore Human?


- A month with BADONIONS
- Great Scott Gadgets - SDR with HackRF Lesson 11 Replay
- DeepSec 2015 slides


- Using Law Against Technology - Schneier on Security
- Specializing BREACH and Cross-Site Search attacks to steal private keywords
- The Barometer Story
- Bait and Switch Hacking Is Gaining Top Rankings In Google
- On the Juniper backdoor

Above was generated by a homegrown bolt-on script for Wallabag, which is a free utility for capturing web content so that it can be read later.

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