Saturday, August 23, 2014

A quick week

Spent the week at SANS Virginia Beach.  It went quickly.  SANS chose a better hotel this time around (it's been awhile since I last went to one), with the break food/coffee being better and having free valet parking for local attendees.  I attended the "Virtualization and Private Cloud Security" course, taught by Paul Henry.

Ran into some old friends (hadn't seen Steve S. in a decade) and made some new ones.  Got to show off some of my tools and generated some ideas for new features (spent the last couple hours, before posting this, adding bulk processing to the document manager).  Overall, the week was engaging/interesting.

Concerning the document manager: expect a rewrite in the near future.  I've tacked on/edited enough features that the code is beginning to look a bit messy and at least one function doesn't align well with the overall schema of the program.  It works will enough to suit me but will annoy anyone else using the software.  It's on my "to do" list but not exactly near the top.

The next few weeks will be a bit busy:

  • I'll be re-certifying my CEH next month (thanks go to my supervisor!).  I'm currently certified under v5 and need to brush up on a number of things.  Time to hit the books.
  • The local hamfest is coming up fast (early September).  I have a couple things on the "must find" list that can't wait until the January FrostFest.  I managed to miss Field Day again this year so some of my projects are still on hold.  Want to attempt Extra Class this year.  Again, time to hit the books.
  • There's probably more eye surgery pending (it's still a bit wonky).
  • I volunteered to present at the September VMUG (Tarik, you too!)
  • The next version of the Ugly Bugbook should be out shortly.
I'll keep chipping away at the projects and posting the news here.

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