Sunday, November 20, 2011

Chrome not liking Alfresco?

Just in case anyone else is experiencing this...

I've been experimenting with Alfresco 4.0b and 4.0c. I've noticed an
issue that pops up when using the Google Chrome browser to access
Alfreso Share. Primarily, it occurs when moving files from the
desktop to the repository, using the drag and drop feature. After a
certain number of files, Chrome refuses to talk further with Alfresco
and whatever page I was on has the Alfresco equivalent of the Mac
beachball of death. The page never times out and the browser cannot
load any other Alfresco page.

At first, I'd thought that it was an Alfresco issue as Alfresco
appeared to be crashing. Restarting the service seemed to fix it.
Adding memory to the server also appeared to make the issue less
frequent. However, it didn't make it go away.

This morning, I watched the system load while the error shows up. The
issue showed up but the system load appears to be independent of the
stall. As a short test, I closed the browser, waited a few seconds,
and started a new browser. The login page appeared after a normal

So, the short version is that it appears that there's something that
makes Chrome ignore Alfresco after a certain amount of traffic. Is
anyone else experiencing this?

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