Sunday, January 16, 2011


Thanks to Tomas Cohen, Koyami, and Shadower SC at the Koha Wiki, I now have a working instance of the Koha ILS on one of my scratchboxes.  ("ILS" is short for "Integrated Library System".)  While there's a couple formatting issues (bad wiki markup?), their article includes 99% of the info needed to get an instance up and running from source.

I was having a lot of trouble with getting the Koha VM running under ESXi 4.1.  Frustration set in and I resorted to building it from source.  Other than adjusting usernames, database names, and tweaking Apache a few times, their article works pretty well for an install on a paravirtualized Ubuntu Server 10.4.

Notes in the wiki shortly...  Still need to wade through the tutorials.  Then there's a number of extensions that "need playing with".

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