Monday, November 1, 2010

Betas should compile

I really like the LiquidSoap scripting language. So much so that I spent a good-sized chunk of the weekend attempting to get the 1.0 Beta to compile properly. Even after fixing the faad issue (you need to alter the system's path (or move the file) so that the system can "find" mp4ff_int_types.h), the danged thing wouldn't work as it should.

The short version is that I dropped back to v0.9.3 and it compiled without an issue. I'm now tweaking the in-house jukebox (a web front end to a liq script) so that it runs, spread across multiple VMs. Next up is to incorporate text-to-speech and see if it will work with Cepstral in a Festival wrapper. If that works well, things will probably get weird very quickly.

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