Monday, September 6, 2010

FreeNAS on ESXi with open-vm-tools

I just finished successfully installing open-vm-tools in a FreeNAS 7.2 guest running on ESXi 4.1. I used the notes on as a reference. Those notes were more or less accurate but I did have to start over twice due to poor assumptions on my part (size of OS partition, etc.).

In any case, I can now start/stop the FreeNAS server via the ESXi console. Notes in the wiki shortly (I have a backlog, don't I?).

Update: I've received a couple requests for the packages (one from v1ncen7 below). The howto is here. The link for a tarball of the generated packages is at the bottom of that page and here.  The usual disclaimers apply (i.e., your mileage will vary).


  1. Any chance you post the package you compiled for FreeNAS v7.2?


  2. Sure. I'll have them up on the wiki in the next couple days.

  3. I'll add graphics to the howto shortly.