Monday, February 15, 2010


Now have Xen installed/tweaked to the point where I like it. I will probably end up using Xen full time because:
  • my hardware isn't young enough to support native virtualization
  • OS virtualization doesn't support mixed environments
  • full virtualization tends to bog down on my older equipment (VirtualBox, VMware)
  • ESXi is overkill for my hard ware (need a second box for it to be useable)
  • KVM is a bit too light

That leaves Xen. I picked up "The Book of Xen" at the recent ShmooCon and have played with the CentOS version enough that I want to try the Debian version and play with DTC-Xen. If it allows access to some of my not-normally-supported-in-VM hardware (and it looks like it will), I'll probably make the switch permanent.

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