Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On my list of things to do

This past month was very odd. Lightning strike near work took out the A/C and the snack machine, nothing else. A/C out all week. Took two online classes (Wireshark and Kismet-Newcore). Won one of the Wi-Spy DBX's in the raffle during the Wireshark class. Rec'd reimbursement for travel expenses for recent trip. Used part of extra cash to order DLP data acquisition products. (Plan on using one to trigger phone calls during severe weather alerts. (Notes pending.))

Then Digium announces the Skype for Asterisk public beta (Got mine built!). Then it looks like GizmoVoice is going to bust the GV thingy. I never did get the Asterisk/Gizmo/GoogleVoice/POTS thing to work. Then the brothers announce their crackdown on Skype. (Note: I still haven't gotten SFA up and running on Asterisk 1.6.1).

Things to do in the near future:

  • see what can be done with gastify (works with Asterisk 1.4, I have 1.6)
  • take HUDlite for a spin
  • work on road warrior solution (OpenVPN and Asterisk)
  • work on weather alert solution (with the data acquisition cables)
  • test chan_Skype (anyone want to join the experiment?)
  • add storage to desktop system (this is fast turning into a priority)
  • play with Wi-Spy DBX

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