Sunday, July 19, 2009

IPv6 Redux

Got IPv6 up and running on the home machine again. It's become quite simple to stand these things up via tunnel brokers. Also, kudos to hurdboy for standing up the IPv6 side of (about 6 months ago). I'm only now catching up with that. Y'all can visit that side of the site via http://[2001:470:e048::20]/. This blog is at http://[2001:470:e048::20]/~joat.
From all appearances, everything works except for the stuff that employs redirects (e.g., the default page for a Mediawiki-based wiki).
A nice-to-have when experimenting with IPv6 is the following Firefox plugin: ShowIP. It shows a website's IP address in the bottom right corner of the browser, in green if it's IPv6, in red if it's IPv4. It's great for quickly figuring out in which "world" the site exists.

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