Monday, April 6, 2009

IMAP Voicemail on 64-bit Asterisk

I spent this last weekend nursing my wife (she had surgery on her foot) and updating my system to a more recent 64-bit operating system. One thing that I didn't like is that the packages for Asterisk were a bit dated. The follow-on problem is that while vanilla Asterisk compiles fine on 64-bit, some of the non-standard features don't.

In short, the compiler crashes in the imap-voicemail section, complaining about not being able to read symbols and recommending a recompile with -fPIC. This isn't as drastic an issue as it looks. Just find the EXTRACFLAGS line in the Makefile for the IMAP code and make it look like "EXTRACFLAGS=-fPIC".

I've added these notes to the IMAP Interface for Voicemail notes in the wiki.

Oh, and BTW, the post freeze is delayed due to issues with the new system.

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