Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Slimserver + MuSE + Shoutcast

One of the shortcomings with Slimserver (I was wrong in an earlier post) is that Slimserver doesn't work well with a high number of listeners. The audio gets very choppy. However, it's not a problem for me as I don't tend to run more than one client at any given time.

In thinking about running a client for either end of the house (small sound system in the bedroom, bigger sound system in the den), I needed to test if two could be easily slaved to the Slimserver.

Following the Streaming from Slimserver to Icecast howto from the Slim Devices web site, I was able to stream from LastFM to the Slimserver to MuSE to Shoutcast to the two clients, one running mpd, the other running vlc. (Read the howto for the description of why MuSE is needed.)

Keeping in mind that all of this software was running on a moderately powerful dual core system, I have the following statement (recommendation?): the configuration is "doable". However, I don't recommend it for the less-than-heavy geeks as it's definitely a finicky setup (it's not low maintenance).

Most of the issues I experienced (segfaults and just-not-working situations) centered on MuSE. Does anyone know of a workable substitute for MuSE (the Multiple Streaming Engine, not the publishing environment or the midi sequencer)?

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