Tuesday, May 9, 2006


It's sad to see that some people (who should know better) still can't recognize the difference between "open standard" and "open source". Sadly, for most, it's not an easy distinction because the vendor at the center of it all promotes it as the same thing. (I've sat in on two of their dog and pony shows and the presenters purposely mix the two.)

What's not being said was that the RFP for the plug-in was released after the vendor refused to provide it themselves. If you read the RFP, it does not block anyone from participating (open source or proprietary). Now that someone else has provided the plug-in, they're crying foul? I call "Shenanigans! Get your brooms!"

Ms. Wyne is either ignorant or a shill. That she works for a company which specializes in computer training, I tend to believe the latter.

Update: The ISC organization that Ms. Wyne is associated with isn't the one that we normally associate with that acronyms so I can't accuse her of "knowing better" as much as I'd initially thought. Hey! Isn't that exactly the type of crime that Ms. Wyne is whinging about? I think that it's time that a certain tech organization enforce its trademark (here in the U.S., if you don't actively enforce your trademarks, you lose them).

Update 2: In any case, I've asked CompTIA to explain the difference between "open source" and "open standard". I'm not holding my breath for a reply though.

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