Monday, April 4, 2005

Back to work

Ever have one of those weekends where you're glad to be back at work on
Monday? I consider this past weekend to be another one of those.

missed my usual research-the-week's-posts-on-Saturday-morning routine
because I spent Friday evening/most of Saturday extracting documents
from an un-mountable hard drive and Saturday evening/most of Sunday
researching a "movement" that a friend-of-the-family's stepson wants to
participate in. Actually, the research was quite "interesting",
participants and organized government having differing views (where the
definition of "interesting" matches the Chinese curse version: "May you
live in interesting times.").

The short version of my research is:
"it's a dangerous situation waiting for something bad to happen".

longer version amounts to: 10 points to anyone who can figure out what
group I'm talking about when I describe 20K people who camp in a state
forest, on an impromptu site, without permit, support structure (medical
care, refrigeration, sanitation, clean water, electricity), or
organization (law enforcement, fire fighters, rules). 50 points (for
each of the following categories) if you can describe the environmental,
financial, health, and legal issues created when those 20K people stay
for a month.


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