Sunday, January 2, 2005

No op

For those of you that notice the small table on the bottom right, you'll
see that I've blogged entries almost the next two weeks. I'm going to
be busy this week, in DC next week (studying for yet another test and
playing tourist)(periods of spotty Internet access predicted!), home for
two weeks and back in DC for the ShmooCon. Add in ISSA, TWUUG, a coding
project, starting next semester's classes and I end up having very
little blogging time, at least during January.

I wanted to take the
pressure off of having at least one daily entry, so I cheated and
blogged a bunch of stuff from my "hold" pile. As a result, most of it
is honeypot and/or malicious code analysis related. Please accept my
ahead-of-time apologies for the narrowed "theme".

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