Saturday, April 17, 2004

High speed wireless USB

Device Forge has an article about the coming development of high speed wireless USB. Supposedly up to 127 devices and a bandwidth of 480 Mbps with a future target of 1Gbps. Assuming a range comparible with Bluetooth, this is probably going to be fun.

With that kind of bandwidth, you're going to have fewer and fewer cables to worry about. I can see no video cable to the monitor, a wireless hard drive, CDROM/DVD drive, wireless speakers, wireless interface to your plasma flat screen monitor, etc.

Heck, why stop there? Why not enable your fridge, your automobile, a television remote which is also tied into your computer, your doorbell, etc. Given the two way technology, it's only a hop to RFID-like capabilities where you can keep track of your pets, your kids, what's in your pantry, how much TP you have left, etc. All it'll take is a small transceiver in each room, either wired or wireless using 802.11g or similar.

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