Friday, January 16, 2004

Uh cont.

So in investigating the blog spam I've found an online gambling site

- run under a domain registered via an Australian registrar
- by a resident of Illinois
- using a Hotmail account
- and answers complaints to that address via a Yahoo account about the site
- run on a server in California
- and misappropriates advertising services here in Virginia.

Have I missed anything? Doesn't this appear to be a bit out of the norm?

If he doesn't remit the $100 (see the bottom of the front page of this blog) AND provide the index number from his license, he's then not only committed crimes (misdemeanors, I think) in as many as three states, he has violated terms of service at four different organizations in two countries. Personally, I prefer going after the latter, seeing as it will result in loss of two e-mail accounts, a domain name, and the service provider for his web site.

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