Saturday, July 12, 2003


For those of you interested in learning about IPv6, Hurricane Electric is still offering free tunnels to the IPv6 address space. (They currently manage about 10 trillion addresses).

They have a short news article at

The site to sign up for the service is at

A good site with a LOT of IPv6 info:

Because it's a free service, Hurricane Electric doesn't spend a lot of resources supporing it. You're expected to provide your own support, including figuring out how to configure the darn thing.

For Linux: a HOWTO is at:

Another good source which also has pointers for IPv6 for Windows:

Now that IPv6 compatability requirements have been set in stone, expect to see a lot more interest (military, government, and public) in this.

Note: this does require some expertise (it's not plug-and-play).

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