Sunday, May 4, 2003

Geek alert! Geek alert!

Yesssss! I have attained additional geek points this afternoon.

I was killing time in Radio Shack today while my wife was "saving money" in Fashion Bug. I noticed that the price for a SnapDialer cable had dropped to below $20, so I took a chance. Luckily, I decided not to buy the software at the same time.

I took it home, did a quick Google search, and found Nate Carlson's page. It only took a half-hour of tweaking his scripts before I was online (at 9600 baud) at the local chat site.

Slow as it was (I haven't used 9600 baud in over a year), I still consider it a valuable addition to capabilities since I don't have any Internet access if I go visit my parents. Now I won't have to go without for extended periods of time. I may have to drive to the top of the nearest hill to get a signal but at least I'll be able to grab my mail.

Look at this to take a gander at my settings.

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