Friday, April 11, 2003

Politics vs. Security

This article is not directly related to Information Security but is a classic example of why security often has holes poked in it because it was inconvenient to those who have seniority over the security managers.

The short version is that the former Vice Mayor of Tuscon was stopped from entering the city building (twice, same day, different doors) because of his lack of ID. The guards were just doing their job: "no ID, no entrance". Councilman Ibarra was then critical of them while talking to the local newspaper.

If the Mayor of Tuscon has a head on his shoulders, he'll take the Honorable Mr. Ibarra to task (privately this time) for his actions and publicly commend the City Clerk (in charge), the four security officers and the city maintenance worker.

Pop Quiz:

  1. Anyone else know what your Vice Mayors look like?(1 point)
  2. What are the three things you can choose from to authenticate someone? (1 point each)
  3. What are the three tenets of security? (1 point per answer)
  4. What were Mr. Ibarra's three mistakes (two technical, one policitical)? (1 point each)

Answers tomorrow!

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