Saturday, March 22, 2003

Drawing a line in the sandbox

OMG!! Microsoft has been ordered (by the Advertising Standards Assn. of South Africa) to cancel an advertisement that was to run in various business and trade journals which claimed that the hacker will soon be extinct due to the security of Microsoft products. Reason: truth in advertising.

Ignoring that, a short extra credit quiz (1 point for each answer):

  • List the companies the learned the truth the hard way after claiming that their product was hackerproof. (2 extra points if the company no longer exists.)
  • List the companies that have done this more than once (5 extra points if the company no longer exists)
  • List the companies that are likely to be on hacker radar for making this type of claim (no points for answering the obvious).

I guess Microsoft still hasn't learned to properly reign-in their marketing types.

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